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Is your business looking for website design & development? A business website has evolved to be so much more than what it once was. It can now become an extension of your business as an interactive web/mobile digital marketing machine that is designed to increase sales as well as enhance your daily business operations. In essence its more of an essential business tool that no company should do without. However, among the myriad of website design companies available out there today how do you know who to choose for such an important decision? We will help you along with an overview of what we can bring to the table. As you read on you may realize that we do things a little different than other web “designers” out there, but we see this as a positive trait that sets us apart from the rest. We use a streamlined two phase approach all while adhering to important development standards.

Phase 1: The Development

We compare building a website with building a house. You may already know how many rooms and floors you want. You may even already know what color you want it to be. Knowing all of this is great, but none it can actually happen until the foundation is in place and the structural framework is built. Then once the walls are in place you can start to put your design ideas to work. You can customize what you want your house to look like in terms of colors, furniture, artwork, photos, etc. You basically turn an empty structure into your personalized home. It’s exactly the same with a website (when it’s done right). Once you have a solid foundation and sturdy structure in place you can then customize the look to your hearts content. This is why we believe it’s important to focus on the development before the design. (Click the next headers below to learn more)

- Foundation and Structure

In the realm of websites the foundation is the storage space on the Internet you choose to store your site and all it’s files and content. This is known as web hosting. We researched and tested many web hosting companies extensively so you can rest assured we have chosen the best of the best for web hosting ourselves as well as our clients. Feel free to ask us more about this. As for structure, this is the framework on which your site will be built upon. Our preferred web development framework is based on rock-solid world renowned industry standards in terms of code usage and multi-platform compatibility.

- Multi-Platform Compatibility

Multi-platform compatibility is extremely important. The reason being is to ensure that your site will be accessible to all of your clients no matter what web browser or device they use. Whether its Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, via a Mac, PC, Tablet or Smartphone, you want your site to just work, without a hitch. The key to this is in the aforementioned development framework. We ensure that our development utilizes the most current industry standard cross-platform compatible code as well as what is know in the industry as Responsive Web Design. This is a development technique that allows the website to dynamically change the layout of it’s content depending on the size of the screen being used to view the content. As an example, try viewing this very site, SOLER.NET, on multiple sized screens such as a widescreen PC, a tablet or a smartphone and you will see how it works.

Phase 2: The Design

Once the development of the site is in place we then move onto the look and feel of the site otherwise know as the website design. As mentioned earlier, your site at this point is equivalent to the empty structure of a new house. With a little creativity and trial and error you can create the ideal look you are going for when designing your house. At this stage it’s no different with your site, except we’ll be creating those designs for you. You will just guide us along as we work to design a website you will be proud to “hang” you logo on.

The Entire Process

It all starts with an initial meeting of the minds. We will sit down with you and/or who ever you trust to contribute ideas or convey your ideas to us. At this meeting we will need to know the following.

• What budget are you working with and what is your target launch date?
• How flexible or firm is your budget and target launch date?
• What does your company do? Do you offer products, services or both?
• What image does your company convey and are you happy with it?
• Do you already have a logo and/or photo images for the site?
• Do you have marketing materials and a standard corporate color scheme?
• Do you already have a domain name and website?
• If so, are you looking for a redesign or want to start fresh?
• What type of content do you want available on your site?
• What are you looking for in terms of features and functionality?
Below are some examples of features and functionality. It’s best to create a list of “Must Haves” and a second list of “Wish List” features that you would like, but can do without for now if your budget doesn’t allow for them. You can always add features in the future. Click here or on the header below to view a list of possible features you can choose.

Features & Functionality (click to view)
• Do you want to take payments for services on your site?
• Do you want to sell products on your site? If so, digital or physical?
• Do you want users to book appointments on your site?
• Do you want users to make reservations on your site?
• Do you want to present photo galleries, videos or music?
• Do you want to include ad banners on your site to generate advertising revenue?
• Do you want your site integrated with your Social Media pages?
• Do you want the ability to add news posts/status updates to your site, similar to the way it’s done on Facebook?
• If yes, do you want users to have the ability to comment on these updates, pending administrator approval (optional)?
• Do you want users to create membership accounts?
• Do you want to restrict some or all of your content to only free registered members or paying registered members?
• Do you want to have an opt-in email marketing list?
• Do you want to take user polls or surveys?
• Do you want a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section?
• Do want your customers to be able to submit testimonials?
• Do you want a customer service portal on your site to address issues via a trouble ticket system?
• Do you need your site available in multiple languages?

The answers to these questions will help us determine what you are trying to accomplish and give us the necessary data to estimate the amount of time that will be needed to create your site and how much it will cost. We will make every effort to put together a quote within your budget. Along with the quote, you will be presented with a site development proposal. This proposal will attempt to meet as many of your requirements as possible within your budget. We will also consider your target launch date in the quote and proposal as well.

Should you accept the quote and proposal we will require a 50% deposit to begin work. The balance will be due upon completion. Once the deposit is made we will then get to work on the development phase of your site, laying down the foundation and building the structure. We will start to create the content areas in a basic temporary draft version of the site. Soon after we will require you to send us the copy (text information), logo and any images that each section of the site will contain. We will then add this information to the site and it will begin to take shape. We will also start building in the features and functionality during this phase. The next step is the design phase. This is where we get creative and work to achieve the look and feel you want for your website. Multi-platform compatibility will of course be thoroughly tested. All throughout these phases you will have opportunities to see samples of our progress and may even be called upon to test certain features before they are finalized. In the end, we will have a final meeting to review the finished product and train you and/or your staff on the basic features of the site.

If you are ready to get started, send us a Service Request and we will respond to set up the initial meeting.

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