Soler Realty NYC Website Relaunch

SOLER ENTERPRISES helps Soler Realty Relaunch Web Presence, Restructure Internet Technologies, and Cut Costs in the Process!

Company: Soler Realty NYC URL:
Contact: Marcus Soler, Owner/Broker Industry: Real Estate
Location: Bronx, NY Project Lead: Steve Soler
Goal: Implement lower cost solutions for Web Presence & Email services
Services Rendered: Cloud-Office Solutions Implementation
Project Overview:
Soler Realty NYC came to us with a genuine frustration over the enormous amount of money they were paying each month for their web presence and email services. At first they attempted to seek out alternate solutions on their own. After finding additional over priced providers and being strung along by other tech people with empty promises, they stumbled across our Facebook Page and reached out. Our conversation began with us trying to figure out if and how we were related since Marcus and I have the same last name. After we ironed that out, we then discussed his current service providers and what they were charging him. I was appalled at how much he was spending and how little he was getting in terms of service, features and value. I assured Marcus that I would commit to finding a way to save him money by implementing alternate Cloud based solutions. I then went to work doing extensive research, testing and evaluating a multitude of alternate service providers in his industry. Once I was confident with the results of my research I put together a proposed total solution to replace his mix of over priced service providers. I presented my findings including a feature comparison and breakdown of corresponding fees. It was clear that I my customized set of suggested solutions drastically improved upon what he had, both in terms of features and ease of use. In addition to that, the total cost savings was over a thousand dollars a year in service fees and over $400 in software licensing fees! He quickly approved the proposed solutions and I began the process of implementation.
Final Word:
This is a great example of how taking the time to research alternate newer technologies can result in better, more modern and lower cost solutions for your business operations. However, with the overwhelming amount of existing Cloud Service solution providers available and more coming aboard ever day, the average small business can’t afford to dedicate their precious man hours to such extensive research. This is where SOLER ENTERPRISES can save the day. We specialize in discovering and implementing new technology solutions. It is our passion. Let us save you time and money! Send us a Service Request today!