SOLER ENTERPRISES Redesigns Website for Chris Volk Photography!

Company: Chris Volk Photography URL:
Contact: Chris Volk, Professional Photographer/Owner Industry: Service
Location: Pemberton, NJ Project Lead: Steve Soler
Goals: Website Redesign | Mobile Responsive Layout
Services Rendered: Multi-Platform Website Development
Project Overview:
The goals of this project were pretty straight forward; redesign the website with an emphasis on photographs as main focal points throughout the site. Although it wasn’t asked of me I made sure the site would also be mobile compatible as well. Some of the features throughout the redesigned site include:

  • Mobile compatible design (Responsive Layout)
  • Translucent Side-bar/Menu
  • Full-screen Slide-show presented on homepage
  • Photo Portfolios presented as tiled mosaics with light-box zoom effect
Final Word:
The beauty of this redesign lies in its simplicity. It’s not overcrowded with pages and pages of galleries to click through, like it was previously. We grouped the photos into two categories that are presented in responsive mosaic layouts which automatically adjust to accommodate the visitor’s screen size. Full-screen photographic backgrounds on every page emphasize the fact that this is a photographer’s website. We showcased his beautiful photos in the most subtle and dynamic ways simultaneously. Chris was very pleased with the final result of this redesign and gave us the green-light to launch the site immediately after it was presented to him for the first time. It’s always a sign that we hit the nail right on the head when a client wants to launch after the first reveal with virtually no changes or tweaks! I’m very happy we were able to capture exactly the look Chris was hoping for. Now what can we create for you?!
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