SOLER ENTERPRISES helps Soler Realty NYC relaunch their website ( and restructure their use of Internet technologies, while cutting costs in the process!

Here are a couple of excerpts from the official project case file in our client portfolio.

“Soler Realty NYC came to us with a genuine frustration over the enormous amount of money they were paying each month for their web presence and email services.”

“I was appalled at how much he was spending and how little he was getting in terms of service, features and value. I assured Marcus that I would commit to finding a way to save him money by implementing alternate Cloud based solutions.”

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  1. Marcus Soler

    I just wanted to thank Steve Soler and the staff for helping me save money. We really appreciate the communication and the seamless transactions. You and the staff are a pleasure to work with. Very professional. We are happy with the website and extra advise. You have done your job effectively and efficiently. I will recommend you to my contacts. Thank you again Soler Enterprises and Steve Soler for everything.

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