My name is STEVE SOLER. I’m the founder/owner of SOLER ENTERPRISES. Technology has been a major part of my life for a far back as I can remember. I owe it all to my father who always found a way to bring home the latest little tech toys for me to play with. I remember being 9 years old and the only kid in school with a video game on his watch. From my first Speak & Spell to my first computer, the Commodore 64, I just kept getting lured in deeper and deeper. By the time I owned my second computer, the Apple Macintosh Performa, I was hopelessly addicted to Technology. Since then I’ve jumped onto everything I could get my hands on that defined cutting-edge technology over the years. While attending college, studying business management, I single-handedly designed and built an automated computer based MIDI home recording studio. This was the catalyst to my first business venture. I partnered with a friend and we began to charge local musicians for recording sessions. Not before long I was teaching myself things like computer graphics, 3D design and animation. Soon after that I became curious enough to actually crack open a PC, which then led me to learn how to upgrade and eventually build them. Being exposed to so much tech since a young age allowed me to experience first-hand the birth of many of today’s most important technologies. The first tablets, the first smart phones, the first internet modems and web browsers; I had the opportunity grow with these technologies and many more. In the mid 90’s I began working in computer related fields. I was a graphic artist for Kinko’s, a hardware sales rep for CompUSA, etc. These jobs kept me in tune with all the latest tech, always teaching myself as much as I could. I naturally progressed from graphic design to web design. By the late 90’s and I had already built several personal websites for myself. This led to the decision to start my second business venture doing just that, Web Development. Thus the first incarnation of Soler Enterprises was born. Shortly afterwards I was offered the opportunity to build a website for an independent record label in New York City. During that time the record label’s President learned of my skills with technology. He offered me an empty office suite of my own in exchange for my tech support services for his company.  I agreed and moved into my first office two blocks away from Central Park South on the corner of 57th Street and Broadway in the historic Fisk Building. During this time my company built sites using the latest in web development technology of that era including PHP, MySQL, Flash, RealAudio, RealVideo and even E-Commerce integration with Authorize.Net and eventually PayPal in the early 2000’s. Unfortunately with the burst of the Dot-com bubble many companies went out of business including the independent record label I was partnered with. I went on to focus my efforts on a career in Information Technology support and worked for a tech firm supporting major advertising and media companies throughout New York City. In 2005 I landed a job as the office manager of a small 15 person real estate and mortgage company in New Rochelle, New York.  This experience gave me the chance to put my knowledge of technology to use on a different level. I infused newer, better technology into every aspect of the company’s business operations and upgraded their entire tech infrastructure in many ways. I was able to procure inexpensive off-lease but excellent condition business class PCs, replacing their aging, outdated PCs. I created a secure local network and utilized off-site hosted Microsoft Outlook and data backup solutions. I setup a more economical VoIP business phone system. And I even implemented the use of an Internet-based property management system, before cloud-solutions were widely accepted alternatives to PC software. These are just some examples of how I transformed that company into a modern efficient business and saved them money in the process. That experience opened the door to other consulting gigs with several other companies. I had the opportunity to analyze their business processes and find ways to improve or even rewrite them to use technology in a more efficient ways. After many years with the real estate and mortgage company the owner decided to move the business into Manhattan. I decided to move as well, but instead from New York to Connecticut. The big city life wasn’t for me anymore; I needed a change. So here I am, enjoying the quieter and friendlier surroundings of my new home, and in that peace I decided it’s time. It’s time to take another shot at the dream I had sitting in that first office overlooking Broadway all those years ago. It’s time to breath new life into SOLER ENTERPRISES, only this time, with 20+ years of hands-on experience in the fields of Internet and Business Technologies.  I’m eager to help small businesses in Connecticut and beyond enhance their business operations through the integration of new cutting-edge technologies.